The Wallow Pig Newsletter #3 2012

I send email updates out to the people buying pigs from us, and publish them here, too, (slightly modified) for anyone else following along with our piggie adventures.

It’s getting close to the end!

The pigs are harder to weigh this year, since there are more of them. They are more like a herd of wild animals than like a couple of pets. It’s harder to get close. With this week’s measuring, the two biggest pigs are around 220 pounds. This puts their slaughter date about six weeks from now, around the beginning of September.

The pigs have been getting a lot of veggies lately! The Wallow garden has been overflowing with zucchini and cucumber especially, and the pigs nom it up. We also planted them a radish field a few weeks ago, so pretty soon we’ll turn them out in there, and they will have a wonderful time digging for radishes.

Here are a couple of pig videos for you. In the first one they’re nomming on a zucchini plant that we tossed in. In the second they are running away from the scary umbrella. (It’s not too scary, though. They make their playful barking sound and come running right back.)