Things I’m Not Saying About Correlation

I get a lot of fat-related comments and emails that I don’t publish here or publicize. Some of it is really hateful, most of it is just dumb.

Most of it is boring, too, because people repeat the same things as one another.

Some of the arguments people make demonstrates that they have not read what I wrote or they are arguing with someone who is not me.

Here’s one sentence from a recent comment:

There is tons of research that shows a substantial link between obesity and chronic health problems.

This person went on to proclaim that if I weren’t so stupid and would do just a simple search I, too, could find out this astonishing fact.

Except here’s the thing: I’ve never said otherwise. If you can find some place where I disagree with the statement that some health problems are correlated with being fat, I will apologize and edit the offending post.

You can be fat and healthy. You can be thin and unhealthy. What does that say about the correlation between fat and health?I HAVE said things like:

Fat and health are two different things. You can be fat and healthy. You can be thin and unhealthy. You can be signing the praises of fat from the rooftops AND ALSO be promoting healthy lifestyle choices. You can “get healthy”, but it won’t lead to weight loss for most people.

And I’ve said a lot of things about the social and moral issues invented around fat people. Health is completely irrelevant to the discussion of whether fat people deserve clothes that fit them and seats they can sit in, and, you know, JOBS.

I’ve also said a lot about how the health correlation is kind of useless if we don’t know how to prevent people from getting fat and how to turn fat people into skinny people.

But, apparently I’m just running around saying that there are no correlations between fatness and health. How about that?

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