Too Many Cookies Corduroy


I ran into this book in a doctor’s office waiting room with Dylan. Corduroy Goes To The Doctor.I thought, how cute! A cute little book to help you tell your kid what to expect while visiting the doctor.

Corduroy is a little bear who waits in the waiting room with the toys and books. Then Corduroy gets led in by a nurse and undressed.

So far, so good.

Then, the text says, “He’s grown a lot this year. And gained a lot of pounds. Too many cookies, Corduroy.”

Okay. Full stop. What the fuck?

This is a book for children. Little children. Repeat: Corduroy is a small child.

You do understand that they grow, right? Every year, right?

What a colossal fail.

See the expressions on the faces of Corduroy and the nurse? I guess that’s supposed to be shock, embarrassment, or shame, but it isn’t some kind of mistake when a child gains weight.


Here are some facts:

There is NO evidence that eating too many cookies makes children fat.

There is NO evidence that eating fewer cookies will make fat children thinner.

Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or a liar.

Doctors, children’s book authors, and parents should all be informed about this, because anything else amounts to shaming children about their bodies. And that should never happen, even when the bodies in question are little teddy bears in story books.