Using Parsley to Start Menstruation

I have some mixed feelings about it, but I’m going to use parsley this week to attempt to bring an early onset to my menstrual cycle. I’m currently on schedule to start bleeding at Burning Man, which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but wouldn’t be perfectly ideal. I’ve got plans to get laid as much as possible at Burning Man this year, and while menstruation rarely causes me any consternation since I use the Diva Cup, it does get in the way of sex, especially with new partners.

From a being-a-hippie perspective, I’m hesitant to mess with my cycle. I know that you can take hormones now to not have periods at all, and that creeps me right the fuck out. Regardless of what the doctors say, I think there’s a reason my body does what it does every month, and I’m not interested in avoiding it.

Then there’s the other side of the being-a-hippie perspective: There are lots of plants that are emmenagogues – herbs that stimulate menstrual blood flow. Knowing what they are and utilizing them to tailor my experience of my body seems very in tune with the possibilities that nature offers me.

Consider the way I use drugs, for instance. I usually avoid drugs that remove an aspect of my self. I rarely take pain medication, for instance, because I want to be alert to my body’s signals. I rarely take cold medication, because I figure my body is doing its thing and will work it all out. I take recreational drugs, however, because I feel they add something to my experience of myself, rather than taking something away.

Using Parsley to Induce Menstruation // LoveLiveGrowI’m following a similar logic with my period this month. I wouldn’t take drugs to remove my period entirely. However, taking something to slightly speed up the process, in order to create more joy in my life, for a specific experience, seems in line with my other philosophies.

Looking around online, parsley seems the way to go. The relevant agent in parsley is fairly mild; it’s not considered an abortifacient. Starting today, I will make some parsley tea, and drink 3-4 cups, followed by more the next day if my cycle hasn’t started. Some users of this method report that their period started within the next day.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

See here for the results!