What Is Your Parenting Superpower?

Haha this is so true! It took me a minute but I found my parenting superpower!

Parenting requires heroic levels of effort sometimes. You’re often tired, confused, or hurried.

You don’t feel like much of a superhero most of the time.

Of course, parents can’t fly, turn invisible, shoot fireballs from their hands, or run faster than a speeding bullet.

But did you know that you already have a parenting superpower?

This superpower of yours is tiny.

No one is going to make a movie out of it.

It’s so tiny that you might not have noticed it. But it’s one of the things your kids appreciate about you the most.

Let’s look for it.

Are you the parent who always has a bottle of bubbles handy?

Do you know the names of all the characters on your child’s favorite show?

When you read bedtime stories, do you do the best voices this side of Broadway?

Can you make the best banana pancakes?

Do you always know where just to find the right cheat code for a video game?

Is your mind a catalog of kids songs?

Do you have a well-honed instinct for knowing exactly when your child needs a hug?

Can you rock the grossest silly face?

Your superpower is going to be unique to you. Give it some thought. Look through your day and find the tiny little things that are special about your parenting. Ask your kids if you aren’t sure.

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Figure out the things that you do that delight your kids over and over again. The ability to create that delight is your superpower. It’s the thing that matters most. It’s the thing you can come back to remind yourself of what’s important.

Now that you know your superpower, play it up! Give yourself a superhero name. Invent a code word or hand signal that your kids can use to summon your superhero identity. Make up a voice to go along when you are wielding your power. Have fun with this important aspect of your parenting.

Amid the struggles of parenting, you may think negative things about yourself from time to time. You think the house is messy or you yell too often or you always feel like you’re running behind.

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When you have those negative thoughts, follow them up with a quick reminder about your superpower. It’s silly, yes, but it helps anyway.

I can’t believe I snapped at my kid. Oh yeah? Well, I always know a great knock-knock joke!

Your superpower is always with you. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect and to stay grounded in the magical moments between you and your kids.

Now, go on and tell that knock-knock joke!

What is YOUR parenting superpower? Let us know in the comments and let’s help each other find our extra-special secret parenting powers.

Haha this is so true! It took me a minute but I found my parenting superpower!

Image modified from Metal Men: Gold by JD Hancock // CC BY 2.0