What My Tattoos Say About Me

A while back I came across this image, explaining the meaning behind various tattoo locations:

According to this chart, I

  • Have been to prison.
  • Have a 67% chance of dragons or wings.
  • Am a cute little princess, now with real tattoo accessory!

Although I haven’t been to prison, I have two tattoos in those zones. And I do have wings on me, but they’re in the prison zone, not the wing zone. The one that most closely matches a tattoo that I have is the cute little princess one, since the tattoo I got on my ankle I got entirely for then-current fad/conformity reasons.

“Will never have a job that pays taxes” describes me pretty well, though I don’t have tattoos there. Maybe I’m overdue for a face tattoo.

How about you? Where are your tattoos, and does this chart peg you right or miss the mark?