Why I Call It Fat-Hate Plus An Invite to Ask Rude Questions

When I talk about various topics related to fat acceptance, I often use the phrase “fat-hate” to refer to the harmful attitudes that people have. Some people might think that’s a bit hyperbolic when it seems like the topic on the table is just dieting, weight loss, nutrition, health, etc. It seems clear to me, though, that the public opinion on those topics is extremely misguided, and that the reason we have so much trouble seeing them clearly is that as a culture we’re nurturing a serious hatred for fat people. Even if you, personally, don’t think you hate fat people, when you speak the mainstream party-line about weight-loss you are supporting the fat haters.

As a stark illustration of what I mean by fat-hate, a few nights ago, I received a slew of comments on my post Diets Don’t Work that I declined to publish in the comment section. Apparently that post was linked in a forum about fitness, and people came over to comment. In case you have doubts about the hatefulness that is out there, I’m going to publish some of those comments here.

Warning: Some of these comments are disgusting, misogynistic hate-speech. Please skip this section if these are likely to be harmful for you. You can jump back in at the next bolded line.

Some of the comments went the direction of general dismissal and name-calling.

You “fat acceptance” people are pathetic trying to justify why your lard-infested bodies have grown to that size.

Having a debate on this is like arguing with a supporter of the theory that storks bring babies to their parents. It’s sad to see that people with views like this exist.

Are you kidding me, you are beyond delusional. Diet do work, your attitude however does not. it takes work and time, neither of which i believe you want to give up. Stay fat as fatass.

Some managed to provide some humor.

fatties gonna fat

(Yes, that was the entire comment.)

I don’t understand why you think it is your birth right to eat yourself to death?
If you believe in god think of it as the devil testing you every time a delicious muffin is put in front of you.

I think from now on, whenever I eat a muffin I’m going to give it a devil voice and have a little mock conversation with it before I eat it.

And then some of the comments veered off entirely in hate-land.

A group of fat lazies patting each other on their fat backs… Disgusting! I have no respect for you….How is this so hard you weak willed monstrosities?

And this one I’ll copy/paste in its entirety:

check out all these fucking fat delusional whiny cunts. i’d tell you to get off the fucking internet making a fool of yourself and get your fucking wide load back into the kitchen but i’d say you disgusting blobs of what i can only assume are human females have spent far to much time there to begin with. cals in versus cals out it isn’t hard you fucking waste of organic material. I can’t believe fat people buy into the ‘fat acceptance’ mentality, being morbidly obese will never be accepted you will always live on the fringes of society as living jokes starved of human intimacy and in most cases will never find a parter willing to stick their cock in between your disgusting slabs of fat to find the brown lips between your legs, nor want to force their arse on your pale blood deprived cock. jump on a tred mill and stop being the embodiment of western society; excess, gluttony, laziness and wilful ignorance.

That’s from a forum where they’re talking about fitness, huh? You wouldn’t think fitness had anything to do with hating 66% of the population so much that you’re willing to spew this kind of hatred at them. But it does. It’s very, very easy for ideas about fitness, health, nutrition, attractiveness, etc to veer over into hating fat people because our culture is very, very good at setting up competition between us.

I’ve been seeing a “motivational” image going around saying something about how no matter how little you’re exercising you’re still doing more than someone on the couch. Who is the person on the couch in that little bit of “encouragement”? Is it a fat person? A “lazy” person? What does your exercise have to do with that person at all? Why do we need imaginary “bad” people to be better than when we’re talking about our bodies? The truth is that those imaginary people are real people, and the opposition we set up against them affects their lives.

Hating fat people is very, very popular these days. Be careful that you don’t feed into it.

An Invitation to Ask Rude Questions

Some of the comments the other night weren’t all that bad. They brought up tired old arguments like calories in/calories out or the “how could genetics have changed in 3 generations” thing. They were incredulous comments but not necessarily hateful. On any other day, I might have let them through, but I decided to reject the whole stream of comments.

I’m going to make a post that replies to some of these basic arguments. I’ve been approaching this topic pretty broadly so far, and I think it’ll be worthwhile to assemble some straight-up answers to some pointed questions.

If there’s anything you’ve wanted to ask or say and though it might be rude, here’s your chance. On this post, you can comment anything that isn’t outright hate-speech. I’ll assemble the questions/situations from these comments and the rude ones from the other night and put up a Q and A post in response.

Don’t be shy. When you hear that diets don’t work, that diets make you fatter, that your genetics plays a big role in your weight or that willpower isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, what’s your reaction? What questions do you wish you could ask? Ask away!