Why I Won’t Publish Your Comment About Fatness

My posts about fat are getting some traffic, especially These Are The Fat FAQS, and people are leaving comments. They aren’t all getting published. Here’s why.

Death and Disease

If your comment talks about how you would have died if you hadn’t lost weight or talks about how you avoided certain diseases or conditions by losing weight, I’m probably not letting your comment through. Fat people hear this all the time. We are constantly bombarded with info about how we’re killing ourselves, so much so that our bodies have carelessly been declared an epidemic. Honestly, I don’t trust you when you say that you would have died or that you avoided some disease. It’s very likely that you cannot know that, and you are just parroting what our culture of fat-panic (which affects doctors, too) has fed you.

Compared to thinner people, fat people do not go to the doctor more or have more medical procedures, we don’t take more sick days from work, and we don’t have more chronic diseases. Fatness is not an indicator of current bad health. Fatness isn’t even a risk factor for heart disease. Fat people do not die sooner.

You need to find a different outlet for your gloom and doom because it’s not going to land here. Here’s The Fat Nutritionist’s take on the death threat thing.

Disagreement Without Substance

Does your comment say, “Diets do work,” but doesn’t contain a link to a study showing results that meet any meaningful definition of “work”?

Does your comment say, “Your links don’t say what you think they say,” without mentioning which links you think are weak or what you think they show instead?

I don’t have a problem publishing disagreement, but I’m not interested in letting people just parrot the party line on this issue because the party line is full of shit.

Diet Porn

Some people leave what is basically a respectful comment, but the comment contains a bunch of what I’ve termed “diet porn”. It’s a long, tedious description of how they lost weight. It might describe the kinds of food they ate, the type of exercise they did, plus all the accompanying thoughts and feelings, including how they are so much happier, healthier, or hotter now.

I know you’re super-excited about your feat, so much so that you have forgotten the definition of anecdote, but what you’re doing here is just mean. Do you think that somehow your words are going to be the magic advice that make it all make sense to us fat people?

Also, you’re boring. Boring as shit. I just don’t care what you eat and how you exercise. I know your story is fascinating to you, but it sounds exactly like everyone else’s story to me.

To my fat readers: I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard of exercise before. It has also crossed my mind that water is better for me than soda. Sensible eating! Lifestyle change! Finding activities I love! Whole foods! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve all heard this stuff, right? I could let these comments through if you’re all dying to be educated, but I have a strong hunch that you’ve been plenty “educated” enough.

Word Vomit

Then there’s the category of comments that is just pure, vile, hateful word vomit. Usually misogynistic. Sometimes violent. This stuff goes straight into the trash. Although “delusional cow” may be my new favorite nickname. I don’t know if there’s a template out there for this sort of thing or what, but “delusional cow” is top on the list of names to call me, apparently.

I read these things so you don’t have to, folks. You’re welcome!