You Can’t Ignore Health For One Single Second

One final reprint from GLORIFY:

When I wrote I Don’t Really Care About Being Healthy, I knew that it might be controversial. I wrote it because it’s not a very prominent position. I am able to say it, and so I wanted to say it for people who feel less confident to speak when their experiences and preferences deviate from the party line.

Imagine my complete lack of surprise when that post generated a comment that I declined to publish.

But, I can’t resist. I’m going to go ahead and talk about it here with a little bit of editing.

I’m all for eating what you want and all. And yes exercise does suck. But…Take responsibilty [sic] for the risks you’re taking. If you’re okay with them, great. But you didn’t address that at all, and that is not fair to your readers. Being overweight is a medical risk factor. Acknowledge that!

How about it, readers? Was I unfair to you? Was I the only possible way you were ever going to hear someone say that fat is bad for your health and because I didn’t harp on it now you’ll never have another chance?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Let’s think about what this comment means. It means that a fat person is not allowed to make one single post that doesn’t “acknowledge risk factors.” Not one single post that doesn’t talk about health. Not one post that doesn’t talk about imagined medical possibilities. Not one ever.

That post was about how I like food and don’t like to exercise. The comment I received tells me that as a fat person I am not allowed to like food without issuing a bunch of disclaimers. I am not allowed to say I don’t want to exercise unless I warn other people away from my preferences.

This is a shining illustration of the frenetic level of health worship that is happening in our society. Health has become not just a beacon of goodness to strive for but a stick to beat people with, a tool with which to seek and destroy those who are not conforming.

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We have become so obsessive about health that you apparently can’t ignore it for one single second.

I, of course, say fuck you to all that.

We can have whatever preferences we like. We can shout those preferences out loud. We can be our big, loud selves right out in the open.

I say we fat people can talk about whatever we want. Even when that has nothing to do with health.